Meditations for Couples

Increasing Intimacy with your Partner This is a mindfulness excercise you can do in as little as 1 min or up to 15 minutes. You may want to set up a timer. The more you do this excercise the longer you can extend the time. Sit in a comfortable seated position across from each other. Make sure that you are at eye level to each other. Some people like to light a candle, which can be nice but not necissary. Start to focus in, gazeing into each others eyes. You may at first notice discomfort, or a tendency to want to avert your gaze, or giggles may come up. Move into noticing what is happeneing in your body. Breath and release any tenson you may be feeling. You will soon begin to settle into your partners gaze. Notice his/her eyes, the fleeting changes that occur, the depth, the playfulness, the sadness, the joy. Just be witness and watch as if you were watching a tv show.
Saying Hello This quick mindfulness excercise can help you settle back into each other after being out all day. It reconnects you and can help decrease stress and increase love hormones. When you come home, or when your partner comes home, a full body hug is a great way to say hello and can be so much more meanigful than words. Be sure you are tummy to tummy. Welcome the reconnection after a long day. Notice his/her body close to yours, notice the way your body reacts to the touch. You may notice tension subside. Breathe. Release the day and say hello.
After you’ve had that hug or if your arms are full or your juggling a couple kids, take a moment to look into each others eyes, noticing your own body sensations as you do this. Allow your partner to relax into your gaze and relax into theirs. Say “hello” with your eyes.